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2009-10 - IQ Net Partners "THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK" has awarded the Company "ISO 9001:2008" vide Registration Number: TT - 50261 for recognizing the standards of Quality Management System for Manufacture of Agro Based products viz., Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients, Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides sale of Teak & Horticulture saplings.

2009-10 - "The Director of Certification and Industrial Services". ACCREDITAMENTO ORGANISMI DI CERTIFICAZIONEE ISPEZIONE, an International Accredited Agency, has awarded the company "ISO 9001:2008" vide CERTIFICATE No. 14218/06/S for Compliance with the standards for Manufacture and Supply of Agro based products viz., Organic Fertilzers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients and Bio Pesticides and sale of Teak & Horticulture Plants by RINA SpA, Via Corsica 12-16128 Genova Italy.

2000-01 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 13.04.2002" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

2002-03 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Industrial Productivity – 12.06.2004" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad

2003-04 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 11.04.2005" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

About Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd

Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd. was established in the year 1996 under the dynamic leadership of Sri G.V. Anjeneylu in Andhra Pradesh. The Company is engaged in production and marketing of genetically superior Teak and Horticulture plants that offer high yields to the farmers. Sivashakthi's Teak and Horticulture plants are products from high yielding, genetically superior mother plants after years of research and our products are the farmers' first choice to make fortunes in agriculture. The other products recently introduced, are Micronutrients, Plant Growth Promoters and Bio Fertilizers, which are helping the farmers to attain 20 to 25% more yields.

The company is achieving excellent results year after year, by developing a wide customer base throughout the country. It has become a market leader and has created a niche for it self in the market with its high quality products and customer service. The company provides excellent guidance and after sales services to the customers by its qualified and dedicated Agriculture Officers for better yields implementing the latest scientific methods of cultivation.

Shivashakti is widely acclaimed for its pioneering efforts and developing high yielding plants and best quality Micronutrients, Plant Growth Promoters, Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-pesticides has gained the farmers Credibility and Trust.

The Company is promoted by Mr.G.V. Anjeneylu who has pioneered the concept of direct marketing in agricultural sector taking the product to farmers directly by field staff of the company and imparting product knowledge among the farmers.

The strengths of Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd
  • Leadership
  • Quality Control
  • Modern Production Unit
  • Country Wide Network
  • High Profile Management
  • Committed Man Power
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Friendly policies
  • Satisfied Customer Base
  • Promotion Board
  • Transparent Management
Members & Sponsorships
SSBPL is the member of FAPCCI, Hyderabad.
Sponsorship :

SSBPL has sponsored "Shivashakti Lifetime Achievement Award" through Horticultural Society of India, New Delhi for recognizing The Best Scientist who has served for the development of Horticulture in India.