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Micro Nutrient Division - Dhanraj Liquid & Powder

A dependable method of curing plants from micro nutrient deficiencies

"DHANRAJ", which is a chelated multi-micronutrient mixture available both in liquid and powder. "DHANRAJ" comprises of all essential micronutrients in chelated form, all of which have a very significant role in the physiological growth and biochemical processes of crop plants.
Benefits of Dhanraj
  • The essential nutrients of DHANRAJ are in chelated form, which gives wonderful benefits within a short time.
  • DHANRAJ can be applied along with other chemical fertilizers like Urea & MOP except phosphatic fertilizers.
  • Yield in terms of number of flower buds and fruits per plant is more when DHANRAJ is applied.
  • Grain and Fruit size are increased; complete maturity is also ensured.
  • Yield in terms of quality & quantity is promoted.
  • Improve Flowering rate and prevent flower drop & fruit drop from the plant.
  • DHANRAJ can be used for getting better results in crops like Paddy, Sugarcane, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Tuber/Rute crops, Arecanut, Coconut, Banana, Papaya and vegetable crops.
Dosage & Recommendations
Dhanraj Liquid: Foliar spray
DHANRAJ can be sprayed on nursery plants in case of vegetable crops and other transplanted crops, so as to get healthy and vigorous seedlings. DHANRAJ has to be mixed @ 1 ml/litre of water and sprayed on the nursery seedlings 12 to 15 days after germination.

Main Crop:
DHANRAJ has to be mixed @ 3-4ml/litre of water and 125-150 Lts of spray solution to be sprayed at 30-40 days after transplanting. The same process has to be repeated at 60-70 days after transplanting, so as to get higher yields and better quality produce.
Dhanraj Powder: Soil application
DHANRAJ could be applied along with Basal and Top Ddressing of Inorganic Chemical Fertilizers. Avoid using with phosphatic fertilizers. Recommended Dosage: 5-6 Kg/acre