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Organic Manure - Jeel 9

jeel 9 is liquid organic manure.jeel 9 is extracted from vermi compost and fortified with sea weed extracts.Jeel 9 contains high level of humic acid which helps to enhance the soil health and its productivity. Sea weed extracts helps to induce flowering and fruiting in crops. It helps to increase the yield and quality of the produce.
Soil application: mix 1 liter of jeel 9 along with any 25 to 30 kgs of organic manure, broadcast the mixture on the soil uniformly at basal or top dressing. Fustigation: mix 1 liter of jeel 9 in fustigation tank and run the drip system for 30 minutes every 15 days at crop growth stages.
Recommended crops:
paddy, wheat, maize, cotton, soya bean, sugar cane, all pulses and cereal crop, oil seeds, fruit and vegetable crop, spices and condiments and other commercial crops.