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Bio Fertilizers - Leader

Leader is a liquid bio fertilizer, works as natural nutrient mobilizer.Leader is a liquid bio fertilizer containing efficient fungal strains of vesicular arbascular Mycorhyzae (VAM) @ 2000-2500 IP per ml.VAM is a mutually symbiotic beneficial microorganism, it acts as a bridge between the crop root system and the soil, and prevents the growth of harmful soil microbes through various modes of action, Enhances the utilization of soil nutrients like phosphorous, Enhances crop growth and increases yield levels .
Extends the effective root system of the crop through association and enhances the uptake of water, phosphorous and micronutrients. Helps in efficient utilization of applied Phosphoric fertilizer by the crop. Induces systematic resistance and controls nematodes and disease causing soil borne pathogens. Leader decreases shock transplantation shock. Increase Uptake capacity of Nutrients. Help plant overcome Draught stress.
Recommended dosage of leader is 500ml per acre for field crops. 100ml-200ml of the product per tree for orchards.
Recommended crops:
For all crops like Cereals, Millets, Pulses, Oil seeds, Vegetables, Fruit tress and forage crops.