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2009-10 - IQ Net Partners "THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK" has awarded the Company "ISO 9001:2008" vide Registration Number: TT - 50261 for recognizing the standards of Quality Management System for Manufacture of Agro Based products viz., Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients, Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides sale of Teak & Horticulture saplings.

2009-10 - "The Director of Certification and Industrial Services". ACCREDITAMENTO ORGANISMI DI CERTIFICAZIONEE ISPEZIONE, an International Accredited Agency, has awarded the company "ISO 9001:2008" vide CERTIFICATE No. 14218/06/S for Compliance with the standards for Manufacture and Supply of Agro based products viz., Organic Fertilzers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients and Bio Pesticides and sale of Teak & Horticulture Plants by RINA SpA, Via Corsica 12-16128 Genova Italy.

2000-01 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 13.04.2002" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

2002-03 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Industrial Productivity – 12.06.2004" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad

2003-04 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 11.04.2005" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

Management Team

Mrs.G.Leelavathi, aged 38 is a Chairperson & Managing Director of Sivashakthi Bio Planttec Limited. She is very competent in taking decision and policy matters of the company and maintaining vital role in the development of Company. She is a humble symbol of simplicity and plays pivotal role in all the tasks of Sri G V Anjaneyulu.

She also involves in corporate social responsibility in developing and uplifting the economically weaker sections of the society.

She is particularly credited in building this multi-facial business, guiding it from its nascent stages to establish wide network of branches in the country with fullest cooperation & coordination of our executives and staff. In this competitive business world she has contributed her might and faced bravely to succeed. She is quite exemplar in the women folk for upliftment of poor and down trodden, subsequently achieved social recognition in the society. As a head of this establishment she has extended all possible welfare amenities to the employees.