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Plant Growth Promoters

Plant Growth Promoters are substances which improve the overall health growth and development of plants. These substances may be either synthetically produced or obtained from Biological derivatives.

Plant Growth Promoters (PGP) are effective in improving the crop, quality and productivity significantly. PGPs, especially biological derivatives are more affective and safe. They can be recommended for all crops.

Among the PGPs, the Amino acids are bio organic derivatives which are obtained biological sources like fish waste, animal waste (slaughter house waste), Plant protein like Soyabean, maize, groundnut etc;

Presently among different classes of PGPs, Amino acids are enjoying a major chunk of market share because of their properties which help in plant growth and development like flowering, fruiting and overall increase in yield. From the above table it is clear that the demand for Amino acids for their plant growth promoting properties is immense. So there is a huge potential for Amino Acids in the PGPs market.
Bio Organic Nutritional Product available both in liquid (Vinngro L) and Granule form (Vinngro G)

Vinngro contains multitude of naturally occurring Amino acids which are very much essential for influencing the physiological system. Vinngro promotes the plants ability to combat various environmental stresses by enhancing natural anti-oxidant activity. Promotes synthesis of phytoalexins, as 1st line defense against adverse climatic conditions. As a result of promotion of antioxidants the maturity of the crops can be advanced. Being a natural source of complex carbohydrates, these compounds hold plant nutrients in a softer band increasing nutrient uptake and Bio-amiability. Vinngro also induces sympodial branching resulting into higher yields.
Vinngro Direct benefits
  • Helps in better crop spread.
  • Induces flowering & reduces flower drop.
  • Improves fruit set and reduces fruit drop.
  • Improves fruit size, quality and colour.
  • Advances maturity and increases the keeping quality.
Recommended Dosage:
Vinngro L:
Dilute @ 3 to 4 ml/liter of water and spray around 125-150 liters of spray solution per Acre. It can be mixed with micronutrients before foliar spray.

Vinngro G:
Apply at Basal or Top dressing for all crops @5kgs per Acre. Vinngro G granules are compatible with all kind of fertilizers like Urea, DAP, Super Phosphate, MOP, KOP, and other complex fertilizers. It can also be applied with pesticide granules like Phorate and Carbofuran.
Recommended: Crops
like Paddy, Sugarcane, Banana, Onion, Potato, Turmeric, Ginger, Groundnut, Sunflower and also for all Vegetables.
Spray Schedule:
It is suggested to spray Vinngro preferably at growing, pre-flowering, flowering & fruit formation stages.