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India is an agricultural country. Farmers form the backbone of our economy. But on whom will the farmers lean on? That's where Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd in. We offer the reliable support to the entire farming community. We handhold them to better farming and richer yields.
Products in brief :
  • Teak & Horticulture::The Comapny has revolutionized the way the modern farming is carried out with its production and marketing of genetically superior and high yielding timber plants like Teak, across the country. Sivashakthi has been widely acclaimed for its pioneering efforts in developing the best quality, high yielding plants and gained farmers' confidence and trust. Conventional and commercial crops like Rice, Cotton and other related crops are no longer remunerative to farmers as they are unable to realize even break-even prices on the produce. Under these circumstances, progressive farmers are shifting to fruit crops for decent returns. In this scenario, Shivashakti is committed to produce and supply genetically superior horticulture plants that offer highest yields to the farmers. Shivashakti horticulture plant's produced from high yielding, genetically superior mother-plants after years of research have become the farmer's best choice to make a fortune in agriculture.

  • Dhanraj Liquid & Powder: "DHANRAJ", which is a chelated multi-micronutrient mixture available both in liquid and powder. "DHANRAJ" comprises of all essential micronutrients in chelated form, all of which have a very significant role in the physiological growth and biochemical processes of crop plants

  • Vinngro L & G: Bio Organic Nutritional Product available both in liquid (Vinngro L) and Granule form (Vinngro G) Vinngro contains multitude of naturally occurring Amino acids which are very much essential for influencing the physiological system. Vinngro promotes the plants ability to combat various environmental stresses by enhancing natural anti-oxidant activity.

  • Jupiter 5: Jupiter 5 is a Natural Bio product extracted from herbal plants containing medicinal and nutritional values for complete crop protection. It is a 100% natural derived botanical extract that enhances the immunization in plants. It also promotes plant growth, induces flowering and subsequently increases the crop yield.

  • Khazaana: Khazaana is completely bio degradable and nontoxic organic product. Khazaana will work its way down the roots of plants and feeds the plants Khazaana provides better results than chemical fertilizers. Khazaana increases the yield and shortens total crop cycle. Khazaana increases the intake of micro nutrients from soil

  • Jeel 9: jeel 9 is liquid organic manure.jeel 9 is extracted from vermi compost and fortified with sea weed extracts Jeel 9 contains high level of humic acid which helps to enhance the soil health and its productivity. Sea weed extracts helps to induce flowering and fruiting in crops. It helps to increase the yield and quality of the produce.

  • Vijaya 666: vijaya 666 is a plant growth promoter which has insecticidal properties. It helps to control all types of caterpillars and sucking insects in its early growth stages. It gives strength and immunity to the plants to fight with insect attack. It also helps in better growth of the crop, maximum yield and better quality of the produce.

  • Vijaya 999: vijaya 999 is an excellent soil conditioner containing perfect combination of hamates, fulvates and sea weed extracts in granular form for soil application.helps to improve soil properties also helps to increases the soil caters exchange capacity and it acts as ph neutralizer.It helps in decomposition of inert material of the soil and releases the nutrients to the plant which are fixed in the soil.It adds potassium to soil which improves the crop quality and extends the self life of produce.

  • Leader: Leader is a liquid bio fertilizer, works as natural nutrient mobilizer.Leader is a liquid bio fertilizer containing efficient fungal strains of vesicular arbascular Mycorhyzae (VAM) @ 2000-2500 IP per ml.VAM is a mutually symbiotic beneficial microorganism, it acts as a bridge between the crop root system and the soil, and prevents the growth of harmful soil microbes through various modes of action, Enhances the utilization of soil nutrients like phosphorous, Enhances crop growth and increases yield levels.