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2009-10 - IQ Net Partners "THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK" has awarded the Company "ISO 9001:2008" vide Registration Number: TT - 50261 for recognizing the standards of Quality Management System for Manufacture of Agro Based products viz., Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients, Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides sale of Teak & Horticulture saplings.

2009-10 - "The Director of Certification and Industrial Services". ACCREDITAMENTO ORGANISMI DI CERTIFICAZIONEE ISPEZIONE, an International Accredited Agency, has awarded the company "ISO 9001:2008" vide CERTIFICATE No. 14218/06/S for Compliance with the standards for Manufacture and Supply of Agro based products viz., Organic Fertilzers, Plant Growth Promoters, Micronutrients and Bio Pesticides and sale of Teak & Horticulture Plants by RINA SpA, Via Corsica 12-16128 Genova Italy.

2000-01 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 13.04.2002" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

2002-03 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Industrial Productivity – 12.06.2004" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad

2003-04 - The Company was awarded "Award for excellence in Marketing- 11.04.2005" by FAPCCI, Hyderabad.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sivashakthi Lila & Anjan foundation - a responsible corporate citizen
" My fellow countrymen, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
- Famous note
Sivashakthi Bio Planttec Ltd, ensures that business processes create a positive impact on society. SSBPL strives to balance between the economic and environmental aspects of business while improving the quality of life of our workforce and the community. Towards this aim Sivashakthi Lila & Anjan Foundation(SLAF) was established to extend helping hand to the needy, poor & destitute in Literacy, Better Education, Water Supply, Greenery etc.

SLAF is registered under Section 80G of Indian Income tax Act 1962.

All donations made to the Foundation are entitled to tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 as per the approval No: DIT (E)/HYD/80G/ 78(02)/ 07-08 dated 03.06.2008

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Some of our efforts are:

Merit Scholarships for Students Free Medical Camps Free Distribution of Plants
Free Distribution of Plants Akshara Jyothi Foundation Free Water Supply Durign Summer
Cyclone Relief Free Eye Camps & Operations Groceries to the Poor People in the Villages