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Organic Manure - Vijaya 999

vijaya 999 is a soil health enhancer.vijaya 999 is an excellent soil conditioner containing perfect combination of hamates, fulvates and sea weed extracts in granular form for soil application.

1) vijaya 999 helps to improve soil properties also helps to increases the soil caters exchange capacity and it acts as ph neutralizer.

2) It helps in decomposition of inert material of the soil and releases the nutrients to the plant which are fixed in the soil.

3) It adds potassium to soil which improves the crop quality and extends the self life of produce
2kg of vijaya 999 applied in the soil either with vijay 999 organic manure or chemical fertilizer at a time of basal dose or at top dressing.
Recommended crops:
vijaya 999 can be used for paddy, wheat, maize, cotton, soya bean, sugar cane, all pulses and cereal crops, oil seeds, fruit and vegetables crop and other commercial crops.