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Boron 20%


Boron is an important constituent of the plant metabolism. Boron is now recognized as one of the micronutrient required by crops for healthy growth and increased yields of superior quality.


  • Excellent solubility in water.

  • Can be used both as a curative and preventive product incase of Boron deficiency.

  • Can correct boron deficiency in crops.

  • Adequate boron content in plant reduces flower dropping.

  • Boron is an important nutrient that controls fruit shedding.

  • Boron helps to increase the juice content of the produce.

  • Helps to increase the fruit size and quality of the yield.


250 gms Boron should be applied per acre at the rate of 1.0-2.0 gm per litre of water. Ensure thorough coverage of foliage for better efficacy.

Recommended crops:

Boron is recommended to be used in all field crops, commercial crops, vegetables and fruit crops.