Shivashakti Agritec Limited

Our Service Department with technically qualified staff provide Pre Plantation service to customer and advice about Method of Plantation to reduce mortality and development of Plantation. Some special cases for bulk customers on advice of our superiors we have to help them in marking of pits.


Our Service Department with technically qualified staff provide one of the major job responsibility is counting activity will be done before the actual replacement. The main purpose of counting is to assess how many plants are required for replacement and how to maintain plantation for their betterment. It also indirectly gives confidence to customers that company will give replacements without any doubt. Physically verify the dead plants and count the dead plants.


Shivashakti as a policy offers one time unlimited free replacement of plants in case of teak to meet causalities at farmers fields. Shivashakti is offering this facility to the customers free of cost to improve good will and to safe guard customers’ interest.
It is a very costly affair to the company because during replacements, not only the cost of the plants but also delivery expenditure is also borne by the company. Should give replacement to only dead plants


Our Service Department with technically qualified staff provide after sales service and farmers’ advisory services to our customers to get better plant establishment and faster growth of Teak and Mahogany plantations. We have largest network of employees who deliver Plants to customers at their door steps. Company provides free replacement of plants in Teak and Mahogany plantations in case of mortality and free technical services to customers on planting method, management practices and plant protection measures. Our teams of Agricultural Experts periodically visits and supervise the plantations and suggest necessary guidelines to get better growth and higher returns.


Our Service Department with technically qualified staff provide Verification of progressive Farmers field to check the suitability for plantation.

Company provides telephonic advisory services to customers to redress their queries.
We recommend the optimum dosage of our products based on the results of field trials conducted through Agricultural Universities and Research Stations.

Service team conducts free on-farm demonstrations of agri-products viz: Micro-nutrients, Growth Promoters, Bio-fertilizers and Bio-herbal extracts in farmers fields to prove the efficacy of our quality products and advise the farmers on correct usage and dosage and stage of the crop to be applied etc. in order to reap higher yields. Besides farmer gets counseling on latest agricultural technologies to increase the production.


We felicitate successful farmers who achieve higher crop yields by using our products in Farmers days in collaboration with state department of agriculture in respective states.
We serve our customers with dedication and passion for their satisfaction.