Shivashakti Agritec Limited



It is a chelated micronutrient mixture formulated as per the recommended State Grades. It contains vital micronutrients which are needed for overall crop growth and development. All the micronutrients are chelated using natural chelating agents.


  • It improves the micronutrient levels in the soil.

  • Being chelated, the micronutrients are easily available for absorption by the plant roots. The micronutrients do not get fixed in the soil.

  • It enhances the crop metabolism.

  • It helps to prevent onset of micronutrient deficiencies and can also cure existing micronutrient deficiencies in standing crop.

  • It improves overall crop growth, development and yield levels.


Soil application of this mixture should be done using 5-6 Kgs per acre. Ensure adequate presence of soil moisture.

Recommended crops:

It is recommended to be used in paddy, cotton, chillies, maize, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables, fruit trees, Plantation crops (coconut, arecanut, coffee, tea)  and spices (cardamom).