Shivashakti Agritec Limited



Dharani Granules is a Bio product based on botanical extracts. Dharani is a unique highly enriched essential soil conditioner with good value of plant protection and growth stimulating substances.


  • It helps to prevent the Leaf borer, Stem borer, Shoot borer and Top borer especially in Rice, Wheat and Sugarcane.

  • It also helps to increase yield to a significant extent.

  • Can be used both as a curative and preventive pest control product.

  • Especially effective against lepidopteron pests.

  • Helps the crop to recover from toxic effects of pest incidence.

  • Improves the systemic acquired immunity in the plants.

  • Exhibits beneficial effect on various metabolic processes.

Recommended Crops: 

Rice, Wheat, Sugarcane etc.

Recommended Dosage: 

3 kgs per acre after 15-35 days of transplantation.


Apply as soil application in conjunction with a balanced plant protection and nutrition program. We can assure manufacturing of uniform product quality as per the label, but the crop growth and yield mainly depends on quality and sustainability of soil, water and crop management practices.