Shivashakti Agritec Limited

Potash Mobilizer


Frateuria aurantia is a bio-fertilizer based on a selective strain of potash solubilizing beneficial bacteria. The cells of Frateuria aurantia contained in the product on reaching the soil get activated and produce fresh batches of active cells. These cells grow and multiply by utilizing carbon source in the soil or from root exudates. During their growth, they solubilize the fixed Potash in the soil and make it available to the plant in an easily usable form.


  • It solubilizes the potash locked up in the soil into a simpler form and makes it available directly to the plants.

  • It helps to prevent soil erosion and improves the soil texture and fertility.

  • It helps to enrich soil micro-flora.

  • It enhances the potash uptake in plants leading to higher productivity.

  • It helps to save up to 30 % of normal potash fertilizer cost.

  • It does not disturb the ecological balance.

  • It improves the plants immune system.

Recommended crops:

Useful for all types of crops. This microbial cultures are useful for the cereals and cash crops viz. Wheat, Paddy, Bajra, Jowar, Maize, Mustard, Chilli, Cotton, Cumin, Banana, Sugarcane, Tea, Tobacco, Castor, Vegetables, Groundnut, Gram, Pigeonpea, Beans, Cowpea, Urad, Mung, Pea, Soybean, Lucerne etc., as well as horticultural crops.

Dosages for Carrier based product:

Seed Treatment (for One Acre) :         250 Gms. / 10 Kg. Seeds
Seedling Treatment (for One Acre) :   250 Gms.

Soil Treatment (for One Acre) :          1 Kg