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JUPITER is based on medicinally and nutritionally valuable botanical extracts. JUPITER enhances the immunity of the crop and provides effective protection against caterpillar pest. The botanical extracts present in JUPITER also help to invigorate the crop by enhancing the ability of the crop to utilize nutrients more efficiently.


  • Bio product based on botanical extracts.

  • Exhibits excellent pest control.

  • Can be used both as a curative and preventive pest control product.

  • Especially effective against lepidopterean pests.

  • Efficacy is very high.


  • Affords excellent control of existing pest.

  • Helps the crop to recover from toxic effects of pest incidence.

  • Activates the pest tolerance mechanism in the crop.

  • Improves the systemic acquired immunity in the plants.

  • Exhibits beneficial effect on various metabolic processes.


JUPITER should be applied at 2.0-2.5 ml per litre of water. Ensure thorough coverage of foliage for better efficacy.

Recommended crops:

JUPITER is recommended to be used in cotton, chillies, pulses, oil seeds, vegetables and fruit trees.