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Khazaana is a specially formulated with naturally available plant growth promoters like humates, seaweed extracts and fulvic acid. It has organically available macro and micro nutrients in easily absorbable form. These nutrients become available instantly and enhance the root and shoot growth vigorously.

Method of application:

Foliar Application: 

Khazaana can be sprayed on the crop during vegetative growth at the rate of 2-2.5 ml per litre of water at an interval of 1 month.

Soil Application: 

Khazaana can be applied in the soil at the rate of 500 ml per acre. Mix properly with Organic manure for optimum spread and development.


It can be mix with any kind of organic or inorganic fertilizers and pesticides / fungicides.

Recommended crops: 

Khazaana can be recommend for all type of crops after 20 days of sowing onwards.