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Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (PSB)


Most of the cultivable soil being alkaline in nature contains less available phosphorus. Due to higher concentration of Calcium, whenever phosphatic fertilizers are applied in such soil, the large quantity of it gets fixed as Tri-Calcium Phosphate as it is water insoluble and hence becomes unavailable to the crop. Certain soil microorganisms have inherent capacity to dissolve part of the fixed phosphorus and make it available to the crop by secreting certain organic acids.


  • The effective strain of Phosphate Solubilized Bacteria used, increase the level of available P2O5in the soil.

  • With the increase in available P2O5level, overall plant growth can be increased.

  • In certain condition they also exhibit anti-fungal activities and thereby fungal diseases may be controlled indirectly.

  • About 10 to 15% increase of crop yield can be achieved with the use of this culture.

Recommended crops:

Useful for all types of crops. This microbial cultures are useful for the cereals and cash crops viz. Wheat, Paddy, Bajra, Jowar, Maize, Mustard, Chilli, Cotton, Cumin, Banana, Sugarcane, Tea, Tobacco, Castor, Vegetables, Groundnut, Gram, Pigeonpea, Beans, Cowpea, Urad, Mung, Pea, Soybean, Lucerne etc., as well as horticultural crops.

Dosages for Carrier based product:

Seed Treatment (for One Acre) :         250 Gms. / 10 Kg. Seeds
Seedling Treatment (for One Acre) :   250 Gms.

Soil Treatment (for One Acre) :          1 Kg


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