VPROM is specially fortified with natural form of phosphate in well decomposed organic manure. This organic manure is enriched with several plant and soil beneficial bacterial and fungal microorganisms.


  • Organic carbon in VPROM is utilized for the building of plant cells and organic substances

  • Naturally available phosphorous is present in the VPROM in addition with phosphate solubilizing microorganisms

  • The microbial consortia in VPROM is having various benefits like plant growth promoting activity and biofertilizing activity

  • VPROM is having several nutrients which are useful for plants other than phosphate

  • VPROM improves soil quality and health

  • VPROM will continuously and constantly supply all the nutrients to the plants

  • VPROM improves the soil texture, allowing it to hold water longer

  • VPROM support and enhance the bacterial and fungal activity in soil

  • VPROM improves the yield and will give quality produce

Recommended crops:

VPROM can be apply for all crops like Cotton, Chilly, Garlic , Paddy ,Wheat, Sugarcane  etc., and for all  Vegetable crops like Tomato, Ladies finger , Brinjal and Potato  etc & all fruit crops.

Recommended dose:

Apply V PROM 5 @ 1-4 bags per acre as per the soil fertility.