Shivashakti Agritec Limited

Vijaya 666


Vijaya 666  is based on botanical extracts that exhibit medicinal and nutritional values which enhance the immunity of the crop and provides effective protection against caterpillars and Red Spider Mite. Vijaya 666 also helps to invigorate the crop by enhancing the ability of the crop to utilize nutrients more efficiently.


  • Vijaya 666 is a botanical extract derived from well-known herbal plant species.

  • It helps to control all type of caterpillars and sucking insects in its early growth stages.

  • It gives strength and develops immunity in the plants to fight with insect attack.

  • It also helps in better crop growth, maximum yield and better quality of the produce.

Dosage : 

2.5 ml of Vijaya 666 per litre of water for foliar spray. 

Crops Recommended : 

Vijaya 666 is recommended for all cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetable crops, commercial and plantation crops, fodder etc.