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Zinc 12%


It contains 12% Zinc in EDTA chelated form. Zinc is an important constituent of the plant metabolism.


  • Fully chelated using EDTA as chelating agent.

  • Excellent solubility in water.

  • Can be used both as a curative and preventive product incase of Zinc deficiency.

  • Fully compatible with most of the commonly used agrochemicals.

  • Can correct zinc deficiency in crops.

  • Being an important component of enzyme, it activates the enzymatic activity in the crop.

  • Zinc enhances protein synthesis.

  • Zinc enhances the quality of the yield.

  • In seed crops, zinc is important for obtaining good quality seeds.

Dosage recommendation

Foliar Application: 

100-125 gms of Zinc should be applied per acre at the rate of 1.0-1.25 gm per litre of water. Ensure thorough coverage of foliage for better efficacy.

Soil Application: 

500 gms of Zinc should be applied per acre through drip irrigation or as root drench.

Recommended crops

Zinc-12% is recommended to be used in all field crops, commercial crops, vegetables and fruit crops.