As humans need proper food with proper nutrients and minerals to grow faster and stay healthy, the plants need it as well. Fertilizers are the most important thing for plants to grow. In simple words ‘fertilizers are the main food for plants’.  

Fertilizers provide all the needy nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other important elements to plants. Plus it makes the soil more fertile and increases its productive capacity declines with every harvest. 

The fertilizers industry transforms millions of tons of natural materials such as natural gas, air, and mine ores into high-quality plant nutrition products. The mineral fertilizer is often referred to as synthetic fertilizers, as they are chemically synthesized. Most of the mineral fertilizers are occurring naturally and they are treated in a way that enhances their solubility and combined with other minerals which provide additional nutrients to plants, soil conditioning amendments, microbial stimulants, and many more.   

The micronutrients fertilizer mainly promotes the essential plant processes and growth, which translates into nutrient-rich food for animals and humans. It is one of the most important plant nutrients, without it plant nutrition would be compromised leading to potential declines in plant productivity. This particular fertilizer promotes the strong steady growth of crops that produce higher yields and increase harvest quality. 

Then comes the organic fertilizers. All organic products such as crop residues, animal manures, and slurries are the key thing in organic fertilizers. It gradually releases nutrients which ensures a season-long supply. The organic fertilizer adds organic matter contributing to soil health increasing both the water-holding capacity and cation exchange capacity. We enhance microbial activity by improving soil structure. Organic fertilizer for plants also is a very valuable source of micronutrients to plants. The organic material present in the fertilizer increases the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil which enhances the soil texture and makes it more fertile than before.  There are many more fertilizers available in the market, and one blog is not enough to describe all of them. These three are the most used fertilizers of all. These are the most easily getting fertilizer. At Shivshakti, one could find different types of fertilizers at reasonable prices, also known for best organic fertilizer brand in India.  

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